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Dear Dee,

You have a brilliant gift for taking a mishmash of pictures and vague descriptions from the bride and creating the exact atmosphere and event envisioned. Your easygoing nature is such a wonderful complement to your attention to detail. I know that my mom and I have a tendency to get a little high strung (!) and talking to you always put the fun back into the whole thing at tense moments.

I will miss being a part of each others’ daily lives! I wish we could do it all over again from start to finish. Every second of it all was a dream come true – just beyond our wildest dream. I remember our early discussions about “relaxed elegance” – you just knocked the ball out of the park!

Natalie and Gavin Holles


Your enthusiasm, skills, and diplomacy shined brightly. The wedding for Heather and Tim was smooth as silk. It was “The BEST!”

With our terrific gratitude,
George and Teta

Dear Dee,

I have been meaning and meaning and meaning to write you since we got back from our (staggeringly amazing, unforgettable, enchanted-beyond-belief) trip....comparable to the wedding in wonderful-ness. Things have just not slowed down - I'm sorry for being so MIA for so long!

I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping make the most magical wedding couldn't have been more perfect in every single way. You knocked yourself out, and we were so grateful for every last all paid off in the form of the most ridiculously amazing wedding ever.

Thank you ten millions time over!
Heather and Tim

Dear Dee,

I have absolutely no idea how we could have pulled off our "BIG DAY" without you! Gorgeous, magical, loving weddings don't just happen all by themselves. It takes the patience of Job, the wisdom of Solomon, the organizational skills of Bill Gates, the kindness of Mother Theresa, and the energy of Richard Simmons all rolled into one beautiful person. In other words, IT TAKES DEE MERZ!

Thank you, dear Dee!

With all gratitude,
Georgia Miles

Dear Dee,

I want to thank you for all of your help and advice for our wedding over the past year. Your knowledge, warmth and level-headed approach were invaluable, and I deeply appreciate everything you did to make the event special and our lives easier throughout the process!

Nick, groom

Dearest Dee,

Your sense of style is impeccable, and your attention to detail is unparalleled. But you were so much more than a fabulous wedding planner. You became like family to us, and we are so grateful for your presence and guidance. We hope you will keep in touch and come visit us at the winery.

Kelli Crouch and Randy Pitts,
Harvest Moon Winery

Dear Dee,

Saying "THANKS" just doesn't seem enough for all of your care, concern, passion and rigor which helped us produce a lovely and meaningful wedding celebration. Bill and I are both very clear that without you, we would still be trying to figure out how to coordinate our wedding. You are a virtuoso at your craft, for which we are grateful.

With love and gratitude,
Micky and Bill Hill


I am keenly aware that Marc and I, along with our families, owe so much to you. Of course, there are so many things I could say. But as I sit down to express my thanks, a few things seem particularly meaningful to me. So here are some of the many, many reasons I adore you (in no particular order!):

Because I was not your only client, but you made me feel like I was. You always offered your time, focus and constant availability.

Because you indulged me. I think we probably listened to about a dozen gospel choirs until we finally ended up with the string ensemble! Not only did you wait patiently until I finally saw the light, but you never gave up trying to make my little wishes come true!

Because you made me feel like my wedding was in my own backyard, even though I was 3,000 miles away. Thank you for being my hands, ears and feet in Napa.

Because you were a constant calm.

Because you read between the lines.

Because you have chosen to work only with people who are talented, sincere, professional and kind. And because those professionals respect the same qualities in you.

Because you are creative. How else would we have ended up with strolling violinists, an opera singer, beautiful calligraphy menus, milk jugs & monogrammed cookies as nightcaps for our guests?

Because you focused on the one thing that really mattered. In the end, the wedding was about Marc and me and about the enormous commitment that we were making to one another. Throughout the process, you were committed to maintaining the emotional integrity of our day. Thank you so much for truly caring about us.

We send out love and hope to speak with you very soon.
Marilyn Andersen

Hi Dee,

It’s Katia Diehl writing. You helped Eric and I plan our wedding at BR Cohn in 2001. Am dropping you this line because recently, Eric and I came to appreciate again how great your work, insight and help was in planning our wedding. Eric and I went to my brother’s wedding in Malibu a couple of weekends ago. The wedding was lovely, the location breathtaking.

However, both Eric and I remarked how different our own wedding was, how well-choreographed our reception was, how we never saw you stress—and how I stressed very few details. You took the laboring oar on so many things, from the wedding favors to the breakfast. Your advice on the reception—from the timing of the first dance and the cutting of the cake to the decorating details—was perfect. Your calmness under pressure was truly awesome. I still remember the tomato sauce spilling on my skirt (a tragedy at any wedding!) and your quick clean up with the bubbly water. You did all this while allowing the wedding to be a perfect reflection of Eric and me.

Eric and I are so grateful to you. We have a wonderful memory of our wedding and we have both said to each other that we wouldn’t change a thing. We think of you often and always smile.

Love, Katia